The Ascon Group is a diversified multi-national corporate entity serving customer driven enterprises across all verticals. Founded in 1994, in Bangalore, India, the group is organized into affiliated business units – that are managed with a well defined strategy, clear Business focus and total attention to operating detail. Ascon 24x7, our flagship business process outsourcing unit focuses on the sales, service and support areas of businesses and works on a single minded proposition – to increase business effectiveness and efficiency, hence resulting in a better bottom-line for our clients. Our wide network & diverse capabilities sustained and supported by robust with human resources and technology not only ensures our ability to serve customer expectations wholly and thoroughly, but also positions us amongst the most efficient outsourcing companies globally.

Whether it is an outbound BPO for Telemarketing and tele sales, inbound & outbound for customer service and support or outbound collections, we make sure we handle the back end operations effectively, letting our clients stay focused on core competencies like product development, manufacturing, brand, organizational build up and other things of paramount importance. In the past, We have played a critical role in the success of an MNC Bank's foray into Convenience Banking Services. Infact the model we established has been replicated globally.